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November 07, 2009



OH MY GOD....First I had to get past the fact that you were actually flying in that small plane. Then I had to deal with you actually behind the wheel flying this little thing...I could barely read the words...Lordy, Lordy. Lordy. Thank God you had enough sense not to tell me this ahead of time. (Well, I guess you didn't know.) One of your pictures didn't post...and maybe that's a good thing if it was YOU flying that plane. I couldn't be happier that it turned out to be a wonderful day and that you and Jesse had such a good time; but most of all...that you made it home safely. And if you didn't bother to send out any little prayers while you were up there young lady, especially when you hit that choppy air...never fear; I've covered your butt with the man upstairs now...albeit after the fact. Love, Mom

P.S. I have to admit...your post was awesome, the pictures were beautiful...I'm very proud of you. ~xo


Cool story.

Dennis Minor

What a surprise and pleasure to read this post. As the "Director" on the above mentioned shoot I couldn't agree more with your comment about getting along famously with Kareem. In our short time working together I found him to be smart, patient, outgoing, funny and in possession of that elusive ability to see the big picture one moment and then get down into the nitty gritty the next. Having a pilot's license myself I know that these are the same attributes that are critical to be judged a good pilot. It doesn't surprise me that your trip to San Luis Obispo with Kareem was so memorable. In fact I'm very, very jealous as he invited me on that first shoot day to go flying once he heard I was a pilot. Unfortunately in the short time I had before moving to Malta, we were never able to make it happen and for that I'm sad, especially after reading your story. But your observations vividly bring me the views and the emotions I know I would have felt if I was in the plane myself. To be free in the wind, your hands at the controls is an experience that you will never forget. Now you just need to start taking lessons from Kareem and get your own ticket to freedom. Your life will never be the same. Thanks for vividly filling my mind with the visions of seeing the California coast as only can be seen from a small plane. My day is much fuller for it and for that I'm happy.
Warm Regards, Dennis


Ooh, that was lovely!! and I hope you do it again soon. Thanks for sharing it. The pictures are beautiful too :-)

Average Jane

What an amazing experience.

Sinead Noonan

Jory - you never cease to amaze me! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. But you know what? I think I enjoyed your Mum's response just as much :) LOL!

Keep on livin' the dream lady.

Mike Smithson

I surfed in after Google gave me your blog in ref to a search I was performing...the story, turns out, wasn't quite what my research was in, but I couldn't help continuing to read the whole thing. I'm a retired air traffic controller and I have always enjoyed flying--but your explanation was wonderful.

Learn to Fly

Great story you got in there, hopefully you can put some photo's to the article too.

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