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September 12, 2009



Ooh, Jory, that doctor sounds a bit scary. Ob-gyn, art AND writing? we have two clever doctor writers down here and I'm reeling at what they've achieved.
Some people must be amazing delegators, is all I can think. And certainly enjoying where you are now is the way to go. It goes so fast, whatever it is.

Stephanie O'Dea

You are a phenomenal writer, and *do* write, regardless of the form. I recently found a folded up piece of paper with 10 year goals I had written out, 10 years ago. It freaked me out. Everything had happened--even though they didn't happen in the exact way or order I thought they might. Unfortunately, instead of being proud, I felt defeated. What now? Gotta make a new list.
I truly believe (human) life is long and complicated enough to accomplish pretty much anything you can imagine, however outlandish your imagination might seem.

Ann Hession

Great thoughts - I think most of us do have those ideas about what phase we are in and that limits us. When something presents itself that's "out of phase," like a pregnancy when we hadn't planned on it or a job opportunity that offers a new direction, that's one of the reasons why it throws us. (Well, the pregnancy would throw us on a lot of levels, including hormonally!) Those ideas about what phase we are in interfere with our ability to just take it as it comes and choose what matters most to us. If I'm clear on what matters most, I don't get thrown off track, but maintaining that clarity is up to me!

Ronnie Ann

Hi Jory! I love this post. It speaks to so many things we think and feel over the years and through the phases. I often find my mind starts thinking about such things when I'm ready for a major (and often non-linear) change of some sort. Then again, it may just be some interesting realignment stuff...or gas. ;-) Good luck whatever it turns out to be.

And btw...I'm in my 50s and still digging tunnels. (Just takes more effort for me to tell my mind not to get so caught up in "reality" defenses that I miss the cool openings.)

Peace out and in.

Ronnie Ann

Oh...btw. I didn't mean to overlook your very important message about making the most of the here and now. Amen sister. In my own non-linear smorgasbord life, I've found this not only makes life richer, but you wind up finding some really interesting tunnels to explore along the way - should you feel like exploring that is. There are also extended times when just enjoying the sunshine is as enriching and rewarding a path as any. And the secret as I see it is that the fruits are always there with us anyway...if we don't get distracted by stuff like discrete "phases".

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Loved reading this! I am a thirtysomething and have done many things in my varied career life thus far. In the past few months, I am coming into more ease of enjoying the now and pursuing my passion...photography.

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