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July 19, 2009



Jory, I've been mostly away from blogging over the last year, so it's lovely that as I jump back into my reader to find this post (out of all that I might see). How on earth can it be possible that this will be the FIFTH BlogHer?! :) I remember finding your blog shortly before the first one. It's been wonderful to watch your community grow and flourish. And even tho I've sometimes voiced objections to things about the community that bothered me (and thankfully always felt welcome to voice them), please know I couldn't be happier for your success. Please give Joy a HUGE hug for me and tell her that I miss her. Will hope to stop by her blog soon and start reading/commenting again. Have a fabulous week! Enjoy the experience! xo

Adventures In Babywearing

Jory, I never think about your perspective, as a blogger I have such a different way of looking at the event- and holy cow I don't know how you do it all. Amazing. It is something I look forward to- and I so
agree about letting yourself be carried
thru the conference vs. Too much strict scheduling. My favorite parts last year were the more intimate spontaneous conersations that happened in the background.

And after it was over, I couldn't wait to start thinking about the next one. Thank you so much for all you do to make this happen.



We're all getting excited honey...just a couple more days. You're here in Chicago now preping for BlogHer Business...so close, but I still won't see you until Friday. Julie and I will be there bright and early...bags in hand. Thanks again for the room sweetie. What a great weekend it will be. Can't wait to see you ladies kick it all off at the breakfast. Congratulations on all your hard work. Good Luck...and I love you.... ~Mom xo

Tre ~

So...perspective....365 days goes by way the heck too slow at times and too fast others...and methinks i 'get' better now why the annual connection matters. Um. yeah. Like totally much. It's with a lotta missing you like if we were saying goodbye at camp that I'm feeling right now for choosing to self care this year a bit...really in ways wish i could have figgered a way to get there...be there...see my bloggin sistahs :) and yet, still, when the heart speaks, we hug..virtually and otherwise. Ya'll were in my thoughts of course all wkend and surely much throughout the day 2 day. Loved your prepping post...Here's to the value of those 'intimate spontaneous conversations in the background' you mention..and being there to experience them :) hugs. C U Soon :) somehow...


Hi Jory! This is a major blast from the past... We were in Esande together in high school at ETHS, when you were a senior and I was a freshman. I still have so many happy memories from those dancing days. It's been awhile but I think you were also a senior at U of I when I was a freshman and we saw each other now then that year too. Didn't you even write a column for the DI?

I have been blogging for over two years now. I started when my husband and I were struggling with secondary infertility and beginning our first IVF cycle to keep some of our family and close friends up to date on what was happening. Anyway, over time I slowly discovered that there was a whole corner of the "blogosphere" devoted to people dealing with infertility, loss and adoption.

To make a long story short, though I have never been to a BlogHer conference, even this recent one in Chicago, as a participant. I did drive downtown on Friday to meet some blogging friends for the first time in real life for lunch. One of them is encouraging me to try to come to the conference next year or someday. So I went on the BlogHer website just now to read a bit more about the conferences and BlogHer in general and saw that you were one of the co-founders!

Anyway, I followed a link to your blog and had to comment and say "hi!" I think it is awesome all that you have done for the blogging community! I hope this finds you in good spirits. It's good to know that you seem to be doing well and to be back in touch after all these years.

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