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May 03, 2009



Jory, I'm a print media freelancer who started a blog exactly a year ago "on the side." I've since moved that side front and center because I find it so much more satisfying and creatively fulfilling. I still think old media has an important role to play, but I'm grateful to have also cultivated my own audience, one that values my unfiltered words and images without a hierarchical middleman.

Your piece, and Blume's, really speaks to me.

Rita Arens

I had the opportunity to talk to Super Print Freelancer at ASJA two weeks ago. We talked all through lunch about the sea change, about how I needed to get that coveted national print hit for my portfolio before they became even more impossible gets, how he wasn't sure where to go next. The keynoter said if she had to start all over again today ... she wouldn't. Freelancers get half of what they got twenty years ago, and wah-wah, life sucks.

I continue to hope I'm well poised on this line I sit between online and print publishing in order to reap the jobs of the New World. We'll see where it goes, I suppose, but it certainly is more interesting than sitting around waiting for someone to die to get a seat at the adult table.

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Kathy Sena

Jory, as someone who worked for you (as a freelancer) when you were on the print side, it has been wonderful to see your move to new media. I've been continually wowed by your success. You inspire me.

My move to this world has been gradual, and I still have feet in both worlds. But I'm finding that, as newspaper and magazine opportunities continue to dry up, I'm finding more and more opportunity online, especially in social media.

If someone had told me even two years ago that I'd be paid to be a social media reporter for Consumer Reports on Twitter, I would have been stunned. (And I haven't done anything in a long time that has been this much fun.)

I've recently begun self-syndicating my parenting-blog content to regional parenting magazines. Another non-traditional source of writing income.

The secret, it seems to me, is to not be intimidated by this world, but to jump in. When I attended BlogHer last summer, my brain was buzzing with ideas on how to move forward with all of this. It made a huge difference in how I look at Web 2.0, and that lead to the Consumer Reports gig.

Thanks, Jory, for the inspiration and opportunities you are offering to all of us!


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