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January 22, 2009



Jory, I think we were twins in another life. What is it about holidays that makes us writerly girls want to tidy up??? WHAT is that about?
Just wondering. Thanks for 'fessing up, I'm embarrassed about how exhausted I've made myself by tidying in my hols. I need another holiday, actually.

c lo

why ya gotta be going and bein all local/fellow gemini/funny now when I'm trying to be surly about BlogHer??? :)


I read the book, up to the point where you have to start actually DOING what it says.

I think there's a part of me that is afraid I'll lose the quirky, creative qualities that make me... me. Getting organized ranks up there with a root canal on the enjoyment factor for me. But, I also think a zen-like environment would be more helpful than the clutter surrounding me. Besides, my wife would be definitely be grateful.

Dangit! Now you made me think I should open that cursed book back up. ;)

Zip n Tizzy

It's kind of a pre-spring cleaning, With our climate, who's to say when spring officially begins?

I've been doing it too.

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