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January 03, 2009



You could blog on "the sister" a little more often. In fact, I'll work on your schedule. ;-)

Tre :)

whoa. honest. genuine. and somehow i know she'll understand. she always does. this nudges in me the letter i've been writing to myself apologizing for giving up autobio pursuits to write someone else's for now and to adlib mine w/ a series of mom/me pieces which is also sluffing off on the bio i should write about my mother.
where would we be without apology and the nudge to do so? prolly living superficial salewoman lifestyles conscious of nothing more than what's in it for me. alas if that were true, we wouldn't have started blogging anyway.
your blogging buddies still idolize you, still bow to your efforts to ensure safe havens for our work, lean on your example daily as it keeps us pressing on. no apologies needed. pause was the first blog i ever read. no joke. and she led me to blogher no joke. and within 3 days i flew across country on a relatives miles to attend a conference that changed my life. pause is the reason and she's not in it for the season :) and that was a cheesy rhyme i didn't even try to make up :) seriously, pause, you, blogher, all women bloggers...we're holding hands...we're not competing...we're forging ahead to give women round the world the means to own and voice their words....i met a professor 2 weeks ago. she was working fanatically on a proposal...i thought she was blogging. for 2 minutes i said 'golly, i gotta get back to mine'...then i opened my mouth, asked her what she was doing. "I'm drafting a grant proposal to help give the shitty life of the slaves that still exist in africa a better life.'
oh my god. talk about bow to her feet. i had no idea. she teaches african politics at tufts. gave me her card. wants to start blogging. asked me if i'd teach her. little me. oh then you couldn't shut me up about blogher, what i've seen/learned and the potential..how i wanna take a buncha laptops to haiti and teach the little girls there to write their stories and maybe somehow teach them it's okay to say no. and who am i saying 'teach them.' but you know. it's really learning together. well, this comment says much but feel the hug therein. you are paving the way for millions of unprejudiced minds who haven't even realized they want to blog let alone have access to a laptop. but they will ....
love you for all you do...and that means pause is aLIVE and well :)
hugs, me


I hear you with the 'blog guilt' sweetie...but somehow I think she understands. It's your Mom who's going through withdrawal pains more than anyone. I'm tryng to get my fix anywhere I can find a rare post from you these days....Pause, BlogHer (You heard Denise), Jack Myers....I've had to go 'cold turkey' many times waiting for a post 'somewhere'....'anywhere'....to show up. It's not like before when I was spoiled and could read a new post on Pause all the time...those were the days. But, we've talked about this before...times do change...lifestyles change...at least adjustments may need to be made for a while. But, I love your writing....and you NEED to write...and I want you to write...and I miss when you don't write. You touch people...and that's a good thing....a really good thing. ~Mom xo

P.S. Yeah, I'd like you to visit more often actually...I miss your comments.


I fully understand about other commitments getting in the way of blogging. Something's got to give in busy lives and choices have to be made. I still subscribe to Pause, however, and enjoy what I do get.

Rita Arens

You know, I've been thinking that even though I'm still writing five days at week at Surrender, Dorothy, the posts aren't that GOOD. I find myself saving good ideas for BlogHer or articles I might pitch. The more I move in the direction of working as a writer and getting paid for my work, the less the blog gets. My ad revenue is enough for a dinner out (and I'm not complaining about the BH ad network -- it's more my traffic), and the articles could enable me to someday quit my corporate job. I think it's just a realization that time is finite, and time spent on yourself is important, and the volume of effort I see from people like Heather and Georgia warrants them making their blogs a full-time gig, because it takes 10 hours a day to make it look like that. Most of us don't have that.

Move away from the guilt and embrace where you are now. Writers write, and you'll come back to it when the moments are quieter or when something about your life shocks you into needing (as opposed to wanting) to document it again.

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