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October 19, 2008



When I finished reading this (and great post, btw), I had a flash of the future: wondering what your life will become as a result of this decision. I made a similar one recently, not to return to LA. I know that putting my feet back in the door of my Sacto home has meant accepting that I live here and that I must make my life here--which will definitely make my future different.

Lori in Denver

I think you, and this post, have a lot to teach people (like me, for example) about where true happiness comes from. It's the energy in a place, the love, the memories, the time spent there. THAT is your life.

Not the stuff. (Except maybe the wine, hehe.)

Adventures In Babywearing

This was really beautiful, Jory.



Actually...I love your little house honey....

all in good time..... Mom ~xo


Writing from my own tiny house. Fear is the perfect word. There are just too many what ifs and while we had been speaking about trying to move into a single family home soon (we're in a townhouse), we've also drawn our foot back because things seem too uncertain now. Thank you for writing this.


I'm not endorsing waiting for a better future or the fear that keeps us where we are. I just won't do that. Maybe I'm crazy but I'm willing now -- at 58 -- to put something out there, a personal vision if you will of what it is I genuinely want. Not an exercise, not "The Secret." Just the truth for me. I'm not letting CNN (or a lot of other channels) tell me what I should believe. It's not the truth. It's not facts. It's an illusive, interpretive zone where there's an implicit understanding that fear makes the news -- and keeps making it -- no matter how blunt or subtle the newscaster's commentary. I'm not in that particular ballgame because I don't think I'm going to let fear decide for me today who or what I can be, where I live, where fulfillment lies, or what to do about the markets or the presidency. Fuck it. What I believe is we can do a lot better than this whole thing that's been dumped on us, as if somehow we have made it so. Are we complicit? Yes. Should we let it rule us?

Well, you decide.

Cynthia Samuels

What a wonderful account of a not-so-wonderful sequence of events. The thing to remember is that you have already taken SO many risks -- it's not like you've been stolidly sitting in that house a state of inertia. Sitting still now is smart and it sounds like the company is great (I KNOW it's/he's gorgeous.) AND housing prices are going to go down - so maybe it's all "meant to be."


Your article sounds familiar if you could just fast forward about 30 years. The Hubby and I have been married 30 years. We became empty nestors two years ago. We have been planning to downsize for two years now. We have been putting off the little things like putting new tiles in the kids old bathroom, repairing a cracked tile in the living room etc. We keep planning to move to a smaller place but this place will be paid for in five more years. It's still home with all the great memories from raising our three kids here. I imagine the hubby will relax in his old easy chair to watch his football games for a few more years and that is really OK to.

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