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July 13, 2008


Cynthia Samuels

Great examples but farther along the age spectrum than you, I warn there are some things we just can't grow out of.
How about literally weeping at the end of a "young adult" novel (Wednesday Wars)?
Getting popcorn at the movies EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY!
Being really excited that it's almost time for the super-fat issue of Vogue
Worrying that there are BlogHer parties you weren't invited to
you see what I mean? So OF COURSE you want to wear new shoes. I mean, really! Growing up all the way is completely unnecessary. (for the likes of us, also probably not possible :<))


Who says you need to grow up? "mwah!" ~Mom


I have just tried to pay for some coffee with my earrings, which were in the coin section of my bag after I went to the hairdresser, so don't worry. They're right, it never ends.

stephanie (bad mom)

I have come to believe that most of "growing up" is overrated. :D

Recruiting Animal

1. It's abnormal to call your mother by her first name. Better to let everyone call her Mom.

2. Is fear that someone will see your tampon like being ashamed to be seen buying toilet paper?

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SArah Auerswald

OMG! Number 7 is so totally on my list as well! And it's crazy, really, because my kids get up at the same time every day and so I'm just hurting MYSELF in the morning. It's very 5-year-old of me!

Tricia Meyer

I love the comment about your mom! My mother works for me at my company and I am always struggling between calling her "mom" and "Cindy." When I call her "Cindy," I feel like people wonder why I don't refer to her as "my mom." But if I say "mom," it seems unprofessional. I just count my blessings either way to have her working with me. :)

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