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July 21, 2008



Jory, beautifully stated. Tho I read from afar, if there is ANYTHING I can ever do to volunteer in anyway, just reach out. What BlogHer offers if amazing! Thank you to all of the staff for always going the extra "post"!!


The keynotes were amazing and I would love to see more of those next year. Perhaps broken up into two days so we could have more?

I think you and the other founders should be so proud of this amazing thing you've created with Blogher.

I don't know if I'll have the mental stamina to go another year. But I will always be rooting you all on.

Jenny, Bloggess

"...and frankly a bit confused by The Bloggess."

I think that's going to be my new tagline.

Adventures In Babywearing

Jory, this was my first BlogHer experience and I left feeling like every single moment of the weekend was worth it, and more. I am that more excited about next year's conference. I am so impressed, encouraged, enlightened, all those good things. Only good experiences for me all around- and I quickly forgave the fact that there was no water at the Macy's party (I'm pregnant and thirsty and was told to go down to the restrooms and use the water fountain.) But there were way more opportunities to make the best of ANY situation, pretty much. And I also found this photo on the blogher08 flickr feed and my heart beats even more...


Thank you for doing such a FABULOUS job.


Abby J

Hi Jory, I really enjoyed my first BlogHer, too. I LOVED the keynotes!! so brilliant. Thank you for reflecting on your experience as a leader/facilitator. For me it's so hard sometimes to see the good/successes in proportion to the bad/challenges and to feel present myself when I'm always the facilitator and it feels like an out of body experience! It's inspiring to see what a great leader you are!


Kira Wampler

Jory - great conference and great post! All of us from Intuit really enjoyed the experience, and we hope that the BlogHer attendees benefited from our involvement. We'd love to hear more about what we could do better in a future event. all the best, Kira

Tara Anderson

Jory, as someone who has planned little tiny baby events (compared to BlogHer), I think you and the other BlogHer organizers did an AMAZING job. Logistically, everything was taken care of and the amount of activities on the schedule was incredible, if a bit overwhelming.

I loved reading this post because it's obvious that your heart goes into this conference. I thank you for all your hard work and am excited to see how BlogHer will continue to grow.


I had an absolutely AMAZING experience at BlogHer! I met women that I've been reading and admiring for years. I networked (even got a paid blogging position out of it--seriously!) and learned and grew. It was phenomenal!

The only changes I'd suggest would be formatting--maybe alter the tracks so that they're more oriented toward the bloggers' goals/stage of experience (i.e., a track for personal bloggers, a track for niche/topical bloggers, a track for experienced/monetized bloggers, and a track for new bloggers). The only reason I'd move things around is that there were often competing sessions that were relevant to me as a niche blogger.

Anyway, to wrap up a VERY long-winded document, great job, well done, and I'll see you at the ReachOut in DC!


We met briefly, and I didn't have the chance to thank you and tell how much I admire what you all have done with BlogHer. This was my first conference, and I got so much out of it (and keep getting even more with distance). I especially appreciate the way you listen to the community and adjust according to its needs.
I second the formatting idea: I'd love to have a forum to engage in discussion on race/gender in more depth.
Thanks again!


Jory, I've said this a million times, but I freaking love you. And right now, I mean that in the sense of I love what you three founders have created and made for all of us to experience and enjoy. I had an absolutely amazing time at the conference and while I can understand how negative feelings arise, you should be so so proud of everything it's become.


I love the idea of BlogHer as some amorphous bitch! Is she tall or short? Dressed in black or exclusively Talbotts? Maybe she ought to take questions and comments from the crowd, so that they have a real place to put their fester instead of spreading the wealth. Okay, now that I've got that out of my system.

The conference was terrific this year. This is my third and I have seen it evolve. Always I am proud to be a part of it; always I am so grateful to you and Elisa and Lisa for sticking your necks out and making this thing for all of us. Thank you....

patti digh

Thanks for this - loved reading about it, and am sorry I was committed to teaching in Portland and couldn't be there. Will definitely be there in 2009!


I love Blogher and what it stands for. Thank you for everything, Jory, from the bottom of my heart. I'm blown away by all you do for us every day in every way.


you all rocked- I could have made out with you all. It was bliss. xo

Cynthia Samuels

You know my views but having produced a few events and TV thingies myself I am in awe of the logistics and creativity that you all exert on our behalf. It is so gratefully received and, as I wrote on my own post, gives us energy for the rest of the year. BlogHer Now, BLogHer Forever!

Ellen Gerstein

In my corporate role as a marketer, BlogHer offers me an opportunity to connect with and converse with my customers that I simply cannot get in any other manner. For this, we are grateful.

In my role as a speaker at the conference, I was amazed, humbled, and inspired by the people on and attending my panel. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to participate in this way.

In my real life as a blogger, I have to say that BlogHer the conference kicks ass, because people like you and your team make it so. I expected the world at this conference, and received it. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the community.



You are being featured on Five Star Friday:

Shamelessly Sassy

Sadly, I didn't make to BlogHer this year. However, I will be there with bells on next year.


Very well said.
I was a newbie and am now a total convert-- I will absolutely drink the BlogHer koolaid anytime, (preferably in the form of the incredible fresh blackberry mojito I had at a little place around Union Sq., just ask, I will totally hook you up.)
I thought it was all so well planned and obviously well-thought through. I had a few middle school moments to be sure, but that reflects MY lack, not yours.
I will be back next year, I will submit posts to the Keynote contest, I will volunteer, I would love to be on a panel, if elected I will serve.
And yes, I am aware of the fact that this attitude along with the aforementioned koolaid-drinking reference is starting to sound kind of creepy. Sorry.
And P.S.? I for one LOVED the surrealistic Macy's Progressive Cocktail Party! Do it again!

Tracee Sioux

I had a wonderful time. I was exceedingly impressed. My husband and the men I made it a point to speak to said, "I wish our usual conferences were this nice." Really, every conference organizer should look to blog her to learn how to incorporate "the feminine" and acknowledge the existence of families. BRAVO!

The one thing I'm loath to give up was the paper. I really wanted the handouts from the panels to use later and help me remember. I missed a lot of speakers names and a lot of blog names and didn't find looking it up to be very simple, but really time consuming. Emotionally it was frustrating. I think this is one of those things that provide enough real value to skip the "greening" of it.

crockpot lady

I couldn't have possibly had a better time. thank you.

Heather B.

Well said, Jory. At the end of the night at Macy's I was sitting with Kristy and Elisa remarking on how effing exhausted the entire weekend made me but if I was exhausted I can't imagine how you all felt. Despite the flaws- which every single conference/convention has - it's been great to see BlogHer grow up and blossom and get better each year. So thanks to you, Kristy, Elisa and Lisa for doing what you all do.


heart you muchly, lady. just wanted to point out my last name is spelled "Gaughran-Perez" :) had a wonderful time and our panel ROCKED, largely due to your awesomeness. xoxo

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

Susan and I (we are those identical twin bloggers who chatted with you during the unconference lunch time) had such a fabulous time at BlogHer08. You all did a FANTASTIC job and we recognize all the blood, sweat and tears that go into such a huge event.

We want to thank you so sincerely for chatting with us - your friendliness and helpful blogging advice were a wonderful highlight at the end of an incredible conference! THANK YOU!!!!

Rachel Inbar

I had a great time (again)! Well worth the trip from Israel :-)

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