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April 27, 2008



And yet you can recall all those details for a post.
If you misplace your Blackberry - THEN you should worry.
This is a revealing insight as to why geeks dress like they do. :-)


Jory, Jory, Jory.

(shaking my head)


Sigh. Oh my sweet baby. Can you hear me now? ~xo


Jory: I can SO relate. I hope it makes you feel better to know you're not the only one who has this problem! What a bummer about your coat (and the sunglasses) :-(. Hope the earrings turned up.

Maria Nardi

Jory, Jory, Jory.....
I think we might have been separated at birth. Not only do I lose sunglasses on a regular basis, but ATM cards, cell phones and house keys. Allen is forever walking behind me to pick up whatever item I leave behind.


But what about what the H-band pointed out?
"I worry," H-band said. "That when you are not present with your stuff, that you are not being present with me."

Enough said.


i'm hugging you for the humility it took to write this. but i'm feeling the hug of sisterhood therein as well...BECAUSE haven't we all been there before? and who's writing about it and admitting it. You are an example of integrity and courage--for being willing to show what you see is clearly a situation you want to improve...and for offering for all to see your heart of hearts longing to be better.

anyone who scolds or shames isn't being honest. who among us hasn't had so many awesome goals--not to mention ones that are worth being top priority b/c they're pushing the whole liberation of womanhood/humanhood forward--that 'other stuff' gets left behind?

ever notice most women who are changing the world don't sleep? many with money and fame have STAFF to care for the details.

i invite you to consider something as you move forward in trying to single task:
single task the small stuff. the accessories, dress, even the meals....seriously.

multitask up the wazoo the stuff in your heart of hearts that you know you can't let go.

in the end, none of us remember what someone else was wearing...(I MEAN NOT REALLY though I am a good visual memory and i tend to)...WE REMEMBER SO MUCH MORE how someone MAKES US FEEL...the IMPACT of their THOUGHTS, EYE CONTACT, EMBRACE, their WORDS, TONE, etc...

You NEVER forget how to be real...how to be genuine...how to be a whole woman.....and your example stays with me oh so often. i'm not saying this to get kudos or have you read my blog :) i'm saying this because you DO GET WHAT MATTERS JORY.

the other stuff may be societal pressure stuff that can be let go a bit. I used to live in SF...and Boston and I GET the whole pressure to be dressed to the 9's often. see what you can let go. not many will notice if you adorn the same jewelry..mom only wears real stuff b/c she kept losing other stuff. I don't wear hardly any unless i find it handmade somewhere :) (but ask me about my contacts, glasses, contact solution....i've purchased saline and solutions everywhere i've ever repeat visited so my 'stash' is there :)

sorry for the long comment...but you are not a forgetful mind on the stuff that matters.

hugs, tre :)


Wow Jory, thanks. This is so me, that I'm reading it to my husband. Maybe now he'll understand! *chuckle*

You aren't the only one!

Tracee Sioux

My husband asked my daughter what my daughter needed and she said, "more attention from mommy."

I work from home and I'm with my kids all day.

Like your husband, her request is really about my mental presence.

Tara Anderson

What an awesome post! Jory, you've done a great job putting into words what so many other women go through. We're so busy taking care of the BIG things that little things take a back seat. Thanks for sharing and for making me smile!

Rita Arens

I don't lose things, but I don't listen. My husband will tell me something, and I'll be looking at him, reading his lips almost, but my mind will be blowing through all the things I should be doing. I'm totally there with you. I have started making a really concerted effort to do one thing at a time, and to do things right the moment that they occur to me, to ensure they will be done. Which led to me shop-vaccing out my car wearing my office heels two nights ago. My neighbor thought I was crazy. My daughter ate late. BUT I DID NOT FORGET.

I recently bought a paper calendar to put in my purse, because my PDA died, and I'm not certain I can go on.


There's a reason why entire religions have been built around the whole be here now thing: it's hard. Really. People spend their entire lives working on it and still come up short all the time.

Start small. It's like learning to juggle. Pick one thing and work really hard to not lose it for a while. Once you've got a handle on one, try two.

Either that, or train hubby to pick up after you. That's what my wife did. ; )

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