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March 22, 2008


Elizabeth  Michel

Jory, I'm sorry you've gotten sick--but not surprised! Take good care of yourself now. We'll talk to you soon.


Mom Markman


Awe Jory, stay in bed and get some rest. And, Happy Easter.


Last we talked you and Jesse were on your way to salvage your bag at the airport. I hope it happened. I already gave you my 'few words' on getting enough rest right now. Nothing wrong with a low key restful Easter. I'll check in on you a little later today. You could use one of my soothing rubs right about now. Happy Easter my little chickadee.... ~Mom xo

Vered DeLeeuw

I hope you got your luggage back. I once forgot an envelope with various tickets (LegoLand, Sea World etc.) on a flight to San Diego. Everything was recovered within a few hours, but it *was* a panicky, hopeless feeling to realize that I had forgotten it on the plane. My husband still brings it up as proof of my imperfectness. :)

Loved today's BlogHer post. It's a fascinating topic.

Sometimes the only way to get some rest is to get sick. Feel better soon!

Cynthia Samuels

Oh sweetie! Personally, having left my computer (!#$$@@!!) in a restaurant in Heathrow and had almost a complete nervous breakdown, I think the desolation and humiliation of such an omission is sick-making on its own. It's a "get through it" kind of thing - but knowing you will doesn't make it any better. Go back to bed -- Charmed is on for four hours on weekdays....

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