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January 20, 2008


Joy DJ

Sometimes you just have to do it...don't you sweetie? I can see your father's smirk now. ~xo

Suebob Davis

I have a feeling that if the tables had been turned in either situation - that YOU were the snorer or he was on the treadmill without signing up - that they would have acted the way you did.


I think I would have reacted in exactly the same way you did.

I'll bet the owner of the gym was pleased that you weren't cursing and swearing at her.


Brilliant post!

You're not crazy, just trying to get by in a crazy world.

Your Dad sounds like he was a great guy.


Why didn't you just sign the darn sheet? Spend 2 seconds to prevent a ludicrously overblown situation. I do have some sympathy for you on the snoring thing. That guy was a selfish boor, and probably always has been. But then again, I don't assume that I have the right to expect dead silence in a public place.


You go girl !!

Theres a difference between someone humming, talking, even a child making a bit of noise and listening to FLEM in a place in which one is consuming food or beverages :-)

Rules are rules yes, but common sense is common sense. If there is someone ON the tread mill at the appointed time and half way thru said time then really its obvious you put your name in the UPCOMING slot ;)

However, if the men in the lady owned gym are such barbarians I would opt for lady owned gym with a majority of female members :-)


I agree that your Dad sounds awesome-- the visual on that story has me laughing every time I think of it.

I can't imagine being caught snoring in a public place and NOT being apologetic and accommodating about it. Then again, I can imagine that this guy has this happen a lot, and he already has a philosophy about it and a reaction all ready even though he just woke up.

The Gym Nazi is just a clearly a born jerk, and I bet the gym owner hates him, if that's any consolation.

Tracee Sioux

That guy in the coffee shop - he sleeps right next to my head in bead. I nudge, I push, I gently and kindly ask for silence. . . I wish management would do something about it.


I guess I don't understand why you didn't just write your name on the sign-in sheet at the gym.

Perhaps this man was just standing up for himself (a guy that simply follows the rules of the gym).

It's like people that try to pass everyone else who are waiting in the standstill traffic of a construction zone.

Most of us simply try to play the the rules, while there are others that feel the rules apply to everyone else but them. Then they become miffed if anyone else has anything to say about it.

It can be frustrating for the rest of us.

On the other hand, it should never have gone that far either.

For what it's worth, I think you handled the snoring man issue perfectly.

In this age of "have it your way" our self-importance has met the same fate as our cholesterol levels.

Dave Seah

I'm aghast, awed, and inspired at the same time.

The first thought that comes to mind is that Some People Are Boors, and Boors will be Boors. You can let them be that way under the guise of being understanding and gracious for the Greater Harmony of it all. But the other side of me seethes with the injustice of having to deal with a person who equates self-interest with social entitlement.

I suppose the thing to do with the snoring guy would have been to take a video of him and upload it to YouTube. With the treadmill guy, at least you made him go on the defensive in front of a bunch of other guys, which he may have recovered from with his blustery public show, but leaves him weakened and perhaps susceptible to future public ridicule under the right circumstances, perhaps with the help of sympathetic friends, to create a dis-empowering pattern of doubt in front of his peers.

"But that would be wrong."


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