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January 06, 2008



Thank you Jory, for sharing about Marc. It is a great reminder of our "back pocket" people that we just "freaking like". Your words are a gentle reminder to get my hands off the remote, or off the keyboard, and reach them into my "back pocket" more often. Narc's thoughts are fitting it all in are right on. We really can.
Happy New Year to you and Jesse. Hope our paths cross again this year! Be well...


I only knew Marc through being a blogosphere reader. Lot's of people have said a lot about him so I know you must have wondered whether another "eulogy" was needed. Thank you for writing because you added a lot to think about, both in honor of Marc and for reminding us about our "back pocket".

Kay Dennison

I'm sorry for your loss, Jory. He sounds as if he were a really great man. Don't beat yourself up with woulda-coulda-shoulda -- I should know 'cause I'm the expert on that -- just cherish that your life was touched by someone so special.

May a gracious God be good to him.

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