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December 30, 2007



I agree, Jory. I like Penelope's assertive style. Nobody will agree with someone on all issues, but it seems to me like most of these people complaining are people who just like to get annoyed on purpose and then complain about it (and complain loudly!). Why else would the same people go back to read her Yahoo column (and probably her blog, too) over and over if that wasn't the case? I enjoy reading her writing.


I am an older guy who reads P Trunk's blog. I rarely agree with what she writes (and that goes double for her partner Ryan's writings). But I read for the purpose of getting a different perspective. And notwithstanding my lack of agreement with what I'm reading, it nevertheless makes me think about things especially what might me on the younger minds in our work force. It is that different perspective that I seek and that is what she offers. I see no need for people to go ballistic about it. If they dislike it so much and find so little of use in the advice, one would think they could just skip reading it. Each to his own I suppose.


Got to disagree with you on this one. From time to time she had good advice, but too often she simply struck a contrarian pose and wanted us to believe it was fresh and true simply because it went against convention. She usually failed to support her more outrageous assertions (including discouraging women from reporting sexual harassment).


So nice to read this thoughtful post today. I enjoyed reading Penelope on Yahoo - sometimes I agreed with her, sometimes I didn't. She does have a distinctive, non-apologetic, and bloggy way of writing.

What was completely bizarre and disheartening was reading the comments, though. I don't understand why people wouldn't just comment thoughtfully about what they didn't agree about - What's the point of logging in just to be hateful and say she's stupid? And then to say that you know better about career stuff - And yet you're leaving hate comments on a blog post??? Embarrassing!


This John Grabowski sounds really mean. I'd hate to meet him.


This John Grabowski sounds really mean. I'd hate to meet him.


Enjoyed your post, but I have to disagree with one bit. You write:

"If an ungrateful 25-year-old has skills that you need to run your business and he wants flextime, you need to figure out how to give it to him."

I don't think most people have an issue with that statement. But much of what PT wrote came across as, "If you're 25, you should do everything you can to game the system while doing little actual work and regardless of whether you have any actual talent or skills, or anything else to contribute."

As for "ungrateful," too often "ungratefulness" translates into "unpleasantness" or even "snottiness" in the workplace. Where I work, cooperation and teamwork is a very big deal, and someone - regardless of talent - who treated fellow workers badly would not have a job, regardless of talent. That is my company's ethos, and it applies to everyone from the CEO to the maintenance guys.

PT did not appear to have any real career successes of her own, which also led her critics to question what qualified to give advice to others - particularly when that advice was often toxic to anyone who wasn't interested in gaming the system.

As for John Grabowski, he's not at all mean (I've known him for years, although we're on opposite sides of the continent). He is, however, plain-spoken, and not afraid to call things as he sees them. His articles are generally insightful and well-thought, and you should read more than the tiny excerpt quoted above before judging.


Wow, you're sure working hard to defend the indefensible. Penelope's bio is false, plain and simple. And lacking any actual credentials (as you say, "career" credentials do not exist) the only thing she has to establish her credibility as a career expert is her record of past accomplishments. All she's established in my mind is a tendency to "brazenly" stretch the truth.

Your first reaction to the stuff she has written about her husband was correct. Do you know ANY spouse who would find that acceptable? You can attribute it to her own desire to heal. I will cynically attribute it to her desire to goose her blog traffic.

By her own admission, she has been fired from jobs "a lot". This being established, her advice on anything workplace-related is worthless to anyone who wishes to remain employed. Sorry, I can't agree that merely getting people thinking about their career defines her as competent.

jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com

Despite the false name and everything, it's rare to find someone who can speak his or her mind as bluntly as her. Her name is controversial at least but she does have plenty of supporters, it seems. And despite the odds against her, I think 2008 will prove to be a very important year for her.


Jen Chan wrote:
"Despite the false name and everything, it's rare to find someone who can speak his or her mind as bluntly as her."

Surely you jest. They're everywhere. Turn on cable TV--you have no shortage of loudmouthed idiots with no credentials passing themselves off as experts. They do make money, many of them, but in the carnival barker era so did snakeoil salesmen.


Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.

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