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November 23, 2007



OH how I love when you get a chance to write....anything....everything. I can't help but absorb every word you say. Your writing has always had that effect on me....almost like we were chatting on the phone. I miss you baby, but your Thanksgiving was wonderful and well needed time for you and Jesse....and I really loved your account of the time with Bella and Bastian. It really IS all good....always. ~Mom


It's good to have you back.


Happy Thanksgiving to you both - my, that meal sounds fabulous.

Kay Dennison

I understand, Jory! I am there myself. Life has a way of intruding on blogging as well as other aspects of life. I'm finally learning that I have to cut myself some slack and just do the best I can. Still, Catholic guilt rears it's ugly head and I feel badly about not doing what I think I should. I enjoy stopping by and seeing what you're up to and thinking (you teach this old lady a lot) but I understand that you are a busy lady with a boatload of responsibility and duty calls. Just do what you have to do and I'l keep popping by to see the gems you post.


Jory, this is lovely...and made even sweeter by Joy's comment. xoxo


Even little snippets that come in dribs and drabs are better than nothing! Thanks for the update.

Chris Bailey

Jory, as always, I'm enthralled by your exploits and the way your write about them. I was so absorbed that when I came to the end I was looking around hoping there was another page, something more...but there's always your next post, your next adventure.

BTW, there are a few places where trick-or-treating is alive and well...come to Austin, TX and we'll be happy to show you. If not for Halloween, come to Austin anytime and I'll be your personal guide to another adventure.

Be well.


Hey Jory, Sounds like the drag of the trip outweighed the joys of the MMF. Trust with a bit of time, and a look at the "Best of" video (soon to be on-line) some of the good moments at the Forum will get better play in your own European travel reel. At least we found your purse backstage! In any case, do promise you'll come back next year, OK? May I suggest routing via Paris, with a day or two overlap each way to catch up with some old, and new, friends? Best Regards

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