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October 07, 2007



Excellent Jory. Sounds like you had a good time and learnt a lot. I just attended the Web Directions South conference in Sydney which was pretty good but I can't compare to BlogHer.

I've also been asked to speak at a conference in Sydney next year and am freaking out as I've never spoken at a conference. I've not written about it on my blog yet but will when it's confirmed.

Have you done a post yet about speaking at conferences? I'm sure you've got some great tips - hint hint.

Another Jory


This will be a pretty useless and irrelevant comment, but I just had to leave a small mark here. I wanted to say that you were the first person in the world that I heard of that shares with me the same first name. I was however a little surprised to find out that you are a woman... I'm sure my mother never heard about that movie where yours took the name from, and I believe that she has not heard that name ever before choosing it for me. I first guessed that the reason Jory was chosen for a boy was because of the way it sounds in French, but from your last name I'd guess you have some (maybe deep) french origins as well.
Anyway, sorry for the offtopic, and have a good day :)

Jinal Shah

Your post makes me wish I was there! Hi - I'm Jinal btw. I lurk around your blog and am a fellow geek. :)

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