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July 15, 2007



I just ended a session of building a Dell and putting it in my wish list - as a gift for my wife's 60th birthday this month or 39th anniversary next month.

She has hundreds (maybe thousands) of embroidery and knitting patterns, so she is a heavy abuser. (I moved her email to online because she was an email hoarder too - let Google have the problem.)

I'm happy on my little lappy-top, surfing and blogging and reading blogs.

Question for you and your readers:
Diamonds or computer for her birthday?

Of course, it's really a gift for me, so I don't hear, "this damn computer / connection."

I can't wait to read the comments!

PS: Tell H-band there is transfer program and cable supposedly make the move easier.


Oh honey....baby steps. You know Jesse will make this as easy as possible for you...have faith.....and the hardest thing of all....patience. Big hugs....~Mom


What your mum says - you know they're always right. In a month or 2 you'll wonder why you didn't make the move earlier. I moved from an old desktop computer to a laptop late last year (and also moved from dialup to broadband) and it's so great not having to wait minutes for an application or document to open.


Just think about it this way: The time you're gaining back by moving to a new computer negates the time spent switching over.

A week from now you'll be wondering why you waited so long!

With the time you've gained back, now you can make time for afternoon bike rides...


I so empathize with you. My husband is an IT guy and for years "changes" would appear on our computer and I'd freak! Finally, for Christmas this year I asked for my own PC - one to share with the kids. So what happens? My five year old son learns how to "change" stuff. *sigh*

And to GoingLikeSixty - diamonds for the birthday. Give her the computer "just 'cuz you love her." Major brownie points that way!

Deb: duh! of course I would never think of that.
Done and Done. Thank you for your help.

Kay Dennison

Oh Jory! I understand completely!
I doubled the memory in my computer this week so I'd have room to add some software that will allegedly make my life easier and correct some problems. Have I done it yet? No! And why not? 'Cause I'm scared, that's why! The hassle of fighting my way through unfamiliar territory is so very daunting. My thoughts will be with you as you and I muddle my way through this . . .


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