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June 18, 2007



So the 16th? I'll add you to my calendar of blogger birthdays. Happy belated!

From 46 you still seem pretty young. Especially a 46 in which I never *really* got a career rolling viably, and in which I married as I approached and had a first kid after I passed 43, courtesy of meeting a fellow blogger via blogging, before it became more common.


Happy birthday for the other day. Age is relative I think. Some people who are younger than me seem older, and vice versa.


Until the last sentence, I thought this was a birthday reminiscence. Now I don't know, but I feel morose.


Oh boy, do I love this. This is such an accurate account of you as an adult sweetie. You really could have gone back even further. I don't remember when you didn't 'have a plan' for yourself. Yes, you look like 25, but you've lived like 55. What you've crammed into those 35 years is astounding to me; but it might be NOTHING compared to what you've got planned for the next 35....and I'll just keep asking questions. I don't see that changing anytime soon either. ~Mom -xo-


Don't worry, in a scant 4 years it will be your turn to forget to wish one of your siblings a happy 35th birthday like I did this past weekend. Sorry I forgot. Happy birthday. If it makes up for it, I was punished by Cook County yesterday when they forced me to sit through jury duty.


Happy belated birthday!

It's weird isn't it, how the feeling of being old or not depends? I'll be turning 40 next month and when I realized that, it gave me pause.

And my life now is so totally different from what I ever imagined. I never knew one could live like I do. Fortunately my life is much better than I thought it would be. Even though I achieved none of my lofty goals.

(I have given up goal-setting for the year. It is a little scary but I try trusting myself to achieve things anyway.)


I turned 35 in February, and I've been really struggling with it, which has actually surprised me. I feel that I'm constantly reminding myself, "Remember, you're a grown-up!"--This despite the fact that I've been married for 12 years and am the mom of 3 boys...The other day a guy (probably in his early 20s) nearly laughed in my face when I asked him if he'd allow me to enter a casino with my husband (who did get ID'd) because I hadn't brought my driver's license. "I'm pretty sure you're over 21," he said like he thought I was definitely overrating my "youthful" appearance.

I had an hour's drive home tonight all to myself (silence is truly a gift!), and I found myself mulling over what it means to be 35. When I got home, I just started googling "psychology of thirties" and stumbled upon your blog. What serendipity! 1) Reading your blog really validated the feelings I'm having about where I should be right now and what defines "old" or "young." 2) Bordering on the creepy, the picture of you reminds me so much of myself that it kind of freaked me out--same hair, same glasses (which of course I didn't have to wear until I turned 35), same facial features. I'm not sure what that means, but I can't help but wonder if fate's involved somehow...

Anyway, thank you for sharing your apprehensions and feelings with people you don't even know--you just never know when your experiences and thoughts are going to resonate with someone.

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