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June 24, 2007



There's a lot to reply to here but I'm going to go with the "user psychology as well as market demand". That is smart. It's why BlogHer works and why Twitter works and why a zillion other sites and tools and widgets and ideas don't work.

Andrew Kaplan

I tend to find writing from 1st person experiences can keep this fresh and more "conversational" converting ideas into original content. As an entrepreneur, we thrive on ideas, and taking risk where others would tell us we are "crazy".

As a newly minted blogger, I found your article to be thought provoking...

Andrew Kaplan
www.ewarrior.com (technology blog)
www.mediamensch.com (entertainment/media blog)


I've read your post over and over, even on different days, thus the late comment.

Is this what happens when a passion turned business starts to become more business than passion?

Another thought on how you define "premium" as original. You may enjoy reading original content, eg: novels.
I enjoy reading opinion or humor, but it has to be short, Magazine, newspaper or blogs. Riffs you call them.

But I am not your target audience :p

Lastly, I agree about memes. I've done them, but since they are not my style, I find them hard to do well and therefore not fun.

Keep your pilot light on!

Tracee Sioux

You bring up an issue I've been wondering about lately Jory.

Lately, I've started to wonder what the difference is between "repurposing" and just plain plagerism or stealing ideas from another writer. Seems to me the line is getting pretty blury. Is it the competition and wanting to have something to say or just creative laziness? By the time an idea is stollen, borrowed and contorted 100 times is it worth anything? Just because you create a link does it mean any blogger can take any thing they want at any time from any website that's out there? Is that ethical? My husband tells me this is okay in bloggerland, but it certainly doesn't "feel" okay to my journalistic integrity. It feels like plagerism. Though currently, I'm seeing every link to me as flattering.

Tracee Sioux
So Sioux Me

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