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June 03, 2007


Nicole Simon

They adore you for the tip, yes.

And while gas is $8 a gallon - probably now people know why I laugh so hard when I see complaints about a gallon hitting 3 dollars or so - it is as you said, you can have smaller cars. :)


Hey, I want you guys to enjoy every minute and have lots of fun while you're there; but I don't want you coming back bloody paupers.

Actually, after all the horrid delays, layovers, waits and rides I guess I'm just happy you got there okay. I've been thinking about you two, and I hope the rest of the trip goes well...CHEERS! Love, Mom


Even after 3 years of living in London, we are still shocked at the prices of everything (probably more shocked than someone from large CA cities because we come from Houston). Still, the UK is a fabulous place to be with so much to see. Enjoy your holiday and pretend 1£ = 1$.

Erin Blaskie

Oh, London... I loved my trip there (I spent two weeks a few years back) and I remember nearly fainting when I went into Starbucks and paid 7 pounds for a coffee. When I did the conversion, I realized I was paying nearly $14 for a Starbucks coffee.

I hope you have an excellent trip and get to see many wonderful sights!


Erin Blaskie
Business Services, ETC

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