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May 21, 2007



Good stuff. I have the most respect for successful radio ad sales people: they are selling thin air!


I remember my frist sales job in advertising was for a major media conglomerate's local sales effort. At one point, my GM told me that I would probably never be successful because I didn't "BS" enough and never spoke first. I like to listen to people with more experience than I as I think it helps me grow. Initially, I really took what he said to heart because after all he hired me and I was only 23. A bit later, he came down on me for following up with a client, learning of their dissatisfaction and trying to rectify their situation. He basically said I was supposed to sell and the results were not my problem. We very much disagreed. From then on, I did my job and rarely heeded his advice. Also, he did a great deal to keep me from achieveing my long term goals of moving into a major market doing national ad sales. Even to go so far as keeping me from meeting EVPs that would come into town after having requested time with me. I don't know if Mr. Doyle would look at me as an ideal salesperson, but I know that I am now doing national ad sales in a top 10 market. Looking back, it somewhat bothers me that there are such sales managers leading people. I don't necessarily believe that it's his fault as much as I think he's a product of his environment (corp culture).

Seren Griwi

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