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May 13, 2007



The couple that blogs together stays together. Or something like that. I think it's a great idea for your husband to experience the blog life through his own passion.


I love that you call him H-band.
To a boomer it sounds like cross between H-bomb and radio band. So old tech.

Wi-fe isn't bad. But readers would probably think he meant wi-fi. That's not all bad either. You are wireless, and I assume you have conjugal faithfulness.

I'm having a great time being a hobby blogger, meaning it's my hobby. (Does that make me a blobber? a hogger????)

I blog for work to, but only because I think I should.

Re: centered image. All the code slaves in your life and you can't get a centered image? Mine is!
Neener Neener Neener...


I just came from Jesse's site....I love it. It looks great. Oh, this should be fun Jor...as if you didn't have enough to keep you on your toes. -Mom -xo-

Nick Smith

Hi Jory

I'm not a techie really, but this should work:

In the design section of HB's weblog find 'custom CSS' and then enter the following:

background-position: center;

Press the save button then republish the weblog. If you already see #banner { } there just enter the middle bit between the curly braces.

Love to you two.


Thanks for the plug babe! And thanks for your patience. I know that it can't be easy coaching an irate geek trying to center his banner (which you can't really fine tune unless you have the "pro" version of typepad, which allows custom CSS).


We all know how well Jesse mows the lawn...

Felix Gerena

On the banner issue. I just did it by resizing it (Use Windows Paint for it). Try. You can take a look at mine. At first it looked like yours and your husband's.

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