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May 13, 2007



Blogging midlife crisis ey? Never thought of it like that. I think I'm at the stage of blogging as I'm at in my life right now. Not quite where I want to be with it yet but still not quite sure how to get there or what it will be when I do.

I guess for you and for your crisis, maybe this blog needs to take on a different direction as your life has in the last year or 2.


I met your Mom via her blog, and your description is accurate.

Give H-band a treat: buy him a banner AdWords ad (unless he knows they are paid ads - but still would be a nice treat.)

BTW: Son-in-law mentioned there should be a blog for photos of dogs in cones. While we chatted I set up dogsincones.wordpress.com, and he was so excited when he checked the next day and there were six pix.
(Daughter burst bubble by telling him they were from Flickr.) :-)


Oh....I loved this. We have GOT to find a way for you to blog more often. I for one can't just take a hit here and there...I need a constant fix of whatever you can muster up. And...I repeat..."I know they're reading; they're just not always leaving comments." Best case....I don't ALWAYS leave comments, and I think you know I read EVERYTHING you ever write...before editing, and after. -xo


I'd love it if you could find the peace of mind and the space to sit down once in a while and write something like this. It is what attracted me to your blog when I found it.

And you should know that you are my prime example of somebody whom I like reading because while you don't post that often your posts are worth the wait. I'd rather have fewer posts and more content.

And since I'm reading everything in a feed reader I don't have to go and check who posted and who didn't.

(I also have bookmarked your husband's blog as one to be checked out when I have a little more time. Just so he knows.)


CLASSIC! I'm too new to your blog to fully appreciate your "Blogging Midlife Crisis." If you ask me, you're in your prime. LOVED the writing in this entry. And yes, go get a Ferrari. Why not?!

Also, your speaking gig was a HUGE hit in Scottsdale. Your waves are still rippling out here in the Valley of the Sun. Great content, great delivery, great vibe. Thanks for coming!


BTW, with or without a blog, I show up first on Google. Granted, it is a resume from 4 years ago.

Thanks for motivating me to finally get a blog up and running. Maybe in the near future I'll be able to take you in a Google Fight!



Seeing you and meeting Jesse--the pleasure was all ours. Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to break bread with us, especially during such an exciting and hectic time for you both. Funny, as you were sharing your story in our home, WE were sitting there thinking, "She must think we're so boring!" True, my wife and I may be in a stage of our lives where the river has calmed for a spell (if you can call being halfway through a medical residency and raising a 2-yr-old "calm"), but both Sherry and I know it's only because of the rapids that one can appreciate a good float and the chance it affords to dip some toes in the water once in awhile. (And trust me, it's not all roses and teddybears over here--you should have seen us last Saturday trying to simultaneously pack for our trip, spit-shine our home and keep our Jory from eating her Play-Doh all at once--madness, I tell you, madness). So enjoy the ride, because as the kids these days say (or at least used to), "It's ALL good."

Troy and Sherry


Hi Jory!

Ah, the interconnected world of real-life and blog networking.

Troy works on my account @ work and this week we worked on 5 new radio spots for my day job and we got into a conversation about blogging, and I of course told him about my blog and he told me about you.

I LOVE your blog and your passion for the potential, both personal and professional, of integrating blogging into life.

I'll be reading!

kate b

I am a perfect example of someone who reads your blog but rarely comments. I found "Pause" a little over a year ago, when I was still working in an office and longed to be a freelancer. Your "From Here to Autonomy" series fascinated me.

Now that I have my own blog, I totally understand how much bloggers need comment feedback. My apologies for never commenting before, even when your words rang so true in my ears.

As for reaching your blog-mid-life-crisis, everything in life ebbs and flows. Your talent and passion for writing are so obvious on "Pause" - eventually you'll be able to devote more time to it again if that's what you want.

Kate B.


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Hello. And Bye.


Hello. And Bye.

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