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April 22, 2007



HAAAAAA, HAAAAAA....that is SOOOO funny....NOT!


First of all I drive a lot faster than 35 MPH sweetie. I may be old...but I'm not a relic...yet.

Secondly, that car is 10 years old...it runs perfectly fine....on side streets, highways...or expressways. Never lost an engine yet. My not liking to drive on expressways is a personal quirk...don't blame my poor car.

Thirdly, I don't remember you coming home and telling me that hoards of people swarmed around you in the parking lot when you pulled up..aghast at the artifact you were driving; or maybe I missed that part in our hurry to get you back to the airport for the next leg of your trip. Hmmmm...so glad your meeting went so well with all those people since I'm sure your mind must have been partially distracted worrying whether that old rattletrap would get you home in one piece...in time to get you out the door to the airport. Will wonders never cease? (Good thing I love you so damn much.)

Yes, we've had some strange cars in our time....in your time, certainly more family kind of cars than cool and sporty; but they sure came in handy for toting all of you kids, your gear, and all your friends around from place to place during all of those very busy and involved school years. Wouldn't you agree?

The last time I had a brand new car was when your dad and I first got married. If I remember correctly, it wasn't long after that we had MUCH better things to spend our money on. I'd love a brand new car, and who knows, someday it may happen; but I won't die if it doesn't. Maybe a little of your dad rubbed off on me over 37 years. Yikes, watch out sweetie...you may be next in line for the fallout.

Erin Blaskie

Jory - great post!

I totally understand the family / travel / work dynamic.

Tomorrow I am actually leaving for Bermuda for a "working vacation" with my husband. I have a feeling that it will be very hard to get actual work done with the tugging on the sleeves I know I am in for.

Generally, I travel for business on my own and this will be the first time I am traveling and working with him. I hope I don't come home with any horror stories for my blog ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Felix Gerena

Hi Jory,

I hope you spent a nice time in New Orleans. I stayed in Boston those days and it was simply wonderful. By the way, a friend of mine told me the people from Chicago are lovely people, very kind, indeed.

I also avoid as much as I can driving in long trips, let alone through big cities and the like. I prefer public transport. This is quite an unusual way of seing things, I know, but it works for me.


There's nothing like other people's stories to make you realize you're not alone in having crazy family. I find the trouble with business and family is that it's hard to simultaneously be a business professional and "hun."

Christien Louviere


I hope you had a good time in my home town!


Paul Adams


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Tari Ledsome

Well, a Buick is a strong car, even if it is a little old. Anyway, your family can be a bit of a distraction during a business trip. But they can help support your during that trip.

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