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April 11, 2007



Congrats Jory! That's awesome news.

I assume you're still at BlogHer as well though, right?

Jory Des Jardins

Hi Laura! I'm breaking my cardinal rule of not commenting on my own blog! But to be clear, I am in an advisory role with FeedBlitz. BlogHer is still my full-time gig. My baby, if you will.

Troy Worman

Kudos and congrats! You are an inspiration.


Jory, you go from strength to strength. Congratulations.

Penelope Trunk

Jory - this is great to hear. Congratulations. I think your new role will give a lot of people inspiration -- including me :)


Ashley K. Edwards

This is fun news, Jory! I've no doubt you are bringing much value to the Feedblitz.

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