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March 26, 2007



So glad you're back...and in tact Jor...

I've been reading some pretty wonderful posts about the conference in general. Seems everyone loved it and took some valuable knowledge away with them. Kudos to you, Lisa and Elisa...and everyone who took part in its success.

How great was it to be back sleeping in your own bed? Miss and love you oodles....-Mom


Congratulations on another successful conference! So wish I could have been there.

Felix Gerena

Tremendous job, Jory. You are a real star. I wish I could attend one of your conferences. I hope there will be more comments in the following days. ;)


I was one of the lucky people at BlogHer Biz. Congrats! to you and Lisa and Elisa for pulling this one together.

Chris Owen

just the words "getting a bunch of women bloggers together" conjures a pretty exciting picture.
Some day I'm going to be earning enough to get to Blogher!!

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