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February 22, 2007




Great interview! I am just getting my feet wet in the blogging world and I am looking forward to attending the Blogher conference! While I admit to some fuzziness to my vision on how I can launch my plan, I have complete faith I have found the missing link!

Love the "Ahhhh Hhhhh" moment"!


What a great interview Jor...you covered a lot of territory. I really enjoyed it. -Mom

Wayne Hurlbert

Hi Jory. Thanks again for being a wonderful and informative guest on one of the best segments of my radio show ever. It's been a week now since the interview, and the downloads of the podcast continue unabated. The show spent the week in the top ten most downloaded shows, and was the number one business show for the week. Jory's thoughts and ideas got the wide audience they so richly deserved. Thanks again, Jory.


Thanks for sharing!

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