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January 14, 2007



Yep, I thoroughly enjoyed this one Jor...every last paranoid detail. And I remember saying those things to you in some form or another...except about the plane being TOO HEAVY. That's just silly; but now that I think about it....

I'm afraid you are doomed to have some "mom" moments....all four of you kids. But, I make no apologies...I've always felt my "you can never be too cautious, too generous, or too humble" system always worked somehow. I'm personally very happy with how you and your sisters and brother turned out...even with dad's matter-of-fact influence. He really did know where I was coming from...and always gave me my space....and my props. Very wise on his part.

And as far as worrying about sex, drugs and all of those other influences...well I had great faith in my kids, their intelligence...and my system.

Hey, those candles I sent to you and Jesse...you wouldn't leave the house with them still burning, right? Love, Mom

Jon Moter

The NLP teacher I've been training with said something interesting to me in a session I had. He said something along the line of "in order to have things something, you have to give up hope that you'll get it."

But he didn't mean that in a way of Buddhist non-attachment. He said that for some people, *hope* seems more important than happiness. So it actually seems like a better deal to hang onto the hope of being wealthy, than to actually be healthy.

Similarly, if you really had your job at an A, what would there be to strive for and hope for? How weird would that be? Would that seem unsafe, in some weird way?


From my first days in the "working world", I always lived my 9-5 life with this mantra: "I'm not comfortable being comfortable." Yes, I was always in a B situation, as you described it, and always looking for an A. Shockingly, I FOUND my A--a cush project management job with no direct supervisor--and a year later, I quit. I'm glad I did, as I realize now I was just as unhappy in that gig as any of my B jobs. Why? Wrong profession. And (scary thought) I never would have discovered the RIGHT profession if I hadn't left the comfortable for the uncomfortable.

I think it's just human nature to want to sneak a peek at the grass beyond someone else's fence. Even though I'm into what I consider a great "A" job now, as well as married and the dad of a beautiful two-year-old (read: taking far less risks than I used to), I still remain open to--and even look forward to--the next chance to shake things up. And while it may not be for several years, the thought that change is out there, that it is, in fact, inevitable, keeps me interested in the here and now way more than if I felt I was home for good. Heck, isn't that what they call retirement?

Thanks for the post, Jory...as usual you help force me to become more of the introspective sort any good writer should naturally be...

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