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December 17, 2006




Oh WOW honey...this was like taking a tour bus through Jory's neighborhood. I remember all of it...even your sorority probation....and..the picture I sent them. (I think that could very well be the picture that flashed before me as I watched you get ready on your wedding day. (Oh good lord...where's the kleenex.) Let me tell you....out of all the many assets you were blessed with, your dimples are decidedly the most adorable...then AND now. -Mom xo


I think I can probably find that Fat Cat book at Mom's place. Nothing that enters that house ever leaves. It's like the Amityville house.



Hilarious -- and thank you for playing. It's just so great to know what's at the very bottom of the barrel!

Chris Owen

Yaaayyyyy. You've done it!
I was beginning to wonder if I'd got it wrong that you were always up for a challenge!
Once again, an hysterical ride through life with Jory.
Joy As a mother of adults only a biit younger than Jory, I wonder how you survived!!


Itdoesnt surprize me that looks may not have changed much, but as I remember it, other things have not changes much either...lol


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