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December 08, 2006



There are jobs that will pay a fair wage, for fair hours. They may still pay overtime should there be a need. However, once a person becomes a salaried employee all bets could change very fast. In the name of "team work", or "managerial effort" hours become longer. Meals become quick and late. At first it may seen ok, because it is for the company you work for. After a while you may even forget to eat. What may have begun as a 40 hour week, with comp time, became 60 to 72 hour weeks and no time to take the comp time because there was too much still left to do. When requested to give up the 1 day a week off because of an additional project
that is now due, take a deep breath and excuse yourself from the room for a few minutes. During this time determine if you live to work, or if you prefer to work to live. And are the hours you are living at your job really worth the life you visit?

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