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December 31, 2006



Your engine has been running at full force since you were a little kid. If getting a cold forces you to slow down and mentally shut off for a while...then maybe sick is good. I never thought I'd say that since I hate the thought of any of my kids being sick.

Honey, I think you're in the process of some true evaluation...not that you haven't always been. I'll be happy if you can just tune a few things out long enough to "just be." I really don't want you getting sick to make that happen. Hope you're having a really wonderful and relaxing time. Happy New Year sweetie!

BTW...this is a terrific post. I miss you not being able to post as often because of other commitments...just as much as you miss it.


I've found I get sick if too much has been happening physically and mentally. Like you, I think, it's the only thing that will make me not do anything else because I'm physically incapable.

Rest up, you deserve it, and try and switch off that brain occasionally to just let it be and have fun.

Recruiting Animal

You didn't say how long you end up blogging for, spontaneously. Just curious, this is a long post; how much time did you spend on it (if you don't mind saying).


Jory...I do not know you but my son does so here is one of the things I think you need. A big hug!

Now that I have the urge to be a Mom out of the way:

I am a 53 year old woman, owner of my business since 1979, and started in a male-dominated business in which several clients, when discovering they had been 'assigned' to a women, asked for a man.

Here are a few things I have learned:

When you discover you are unhappy with your lot, for whatever reason, you'll feel immediately better when you plan a way out. You say you are a planner by nature so this is a good fit.

And I do mean plan a way out...not of everything about your situation. Just the parts that are not working. If it is overwork, plan for your nonworking life. Spend as much mental energy building your non-working life as you do your work.

People who are passionate about their work have a real hard time, I think, keeping it in perspective. We have to 'work' at it. '-)

I just read 'The Magic of Thinking Big' by David Schwartz in preparation for a break-through workshop on further development of my business. One of the affirmations I took away:
"I manage solitude for the pay-off in better health and greater success."

I am not a regular blogger so excuse if this comment is too long. Sometimes it takes time to give a proper hug.

And finally, sometimes a cold is really just a cold.


Brian Keith

Alan Watts- the wisdom of insecurity.

Get well soon!

Oh, and Zen and the Art of Archery, where a european went to Japan to learn archery and found out that you can't force it. Really.


Even as you struggle with your own life, I am regularly impressed with your ability to "Pause" and put your (and all our) struggle into a literate perspective. I read the Beck article and it seems to come down to "let it come to you" - of course, that's often the most difficult thing to do.

Stop struggling, stop rabidly searching, stop "making it happen" - let it come to you. And allow yourself the inner calm and space to realize when it does.

Good luck. And please keep allowing us the interesting view into your process.

Colleen Wainwright

As a former card-carrying member of the White Tornado Brigade, all I can say is that even with enlightenment, you will be who you are: you will just remember more quickly that this is behavior you do not need to choose, and as you get better and better at it, you choose more quickly and life becomes a bit easier.

But as one who had her epiphany delivered some four years ago in a hospital bed, I will say two things which may or may not be helpful:

1. There is always work, (thank Buddha)

2. Be careful what you wish for :-)

Troy Worman

Thinking Too Much? Ah... Yeah. Spot on. But isn't that part of what makes you such a wonderful writer? As you allude, your affliction, I think, the thinking too much thing, mustn't be terribly uncommon. But few have the constitution to put it to paper, much less articulate it so elegantly as you do. This might explain the stalkers. Alas, you are awesome and lovely, dripping snot or not.


This strikes such a chord with me. I just took the (extremely difficult) decision to NOT start my PhD this January, after looking back on 2006 and realising that it was literally the first year in a decade that I wasn't seriously ill. This coincided with it being the first year that I wasn't trying to hold down 3/4 jobs + studying + multiple committees/activities.

Sometimes slowing down is the right thing to do too, eh?


Jory, it can be astounding how easily ideas and directions will come to the most conscientious creative people if they let things drift a little bit sometimes. (And I almost left an 'i' out of conscientious then :))


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