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December 10, 2006


Jon Moter

You said:

"What I mean by that is I wish this was happening when I was a human sponge, not a sieve, and I could soak it all in and not give a piece of sashimi about how my efforts would affect my physical energy threshold, my marriage, and my vision for the future. Five years ago none of these things were established. I was incapable of knowing my limits or desires--I was what you might call the perfect worker."

When I read that, I had the following thought: what you have now developed is the ability to be discerning, to choose what demands your attention and what does not. I'm guessing that's an important part of being an entrepreneur.

In other words, you'd think it would be nice to have infinite energy, but having a finite supply actually makes you better suited to what you're doing.

I have no idea if that's correct or not, since I'm not an entrepreneur myself. That just popped into my head when reading, so there ya go.

Jennifer Warwick

Jory -

Thanks so much for this. I almost hyperventilated the other day when I passed a prize-drawing fishbowl asking passersby to drop in a business card...and I realized: I Didn't. Have. One.

Just ONE WEEK into my so-called retirement at 42 (I think it will end up being a sabbatical), I'm doggie-paddling a bit myself. Still forcing myself to relax and not grab onto any small assignment floating by (Friend needs someone to edit a chapter? I'll do it! Tiny restaurant in town needs a waitress? I'll do it!) just to feel like a worthy contributor to society. For now, all I can admit to myself that I'm doing is "taking December off." Easier that way. Less true? Time will tell.

I've worked so hard for so long that I could use a "buoy from the past" myself. Once I've taken off my business suit, stowed my carry-on and dangerous gels in the closet, or (gulp) turned off my computer, my sense of self turns into static: not gone, certainly, but not making much sense, either.

Thanks for letting me know it's part of the process, and the process is part of who we are.


Thank you, I really neede that.



This really hit for me especially the part about wishing you'd realized things about 5 years earlier. That's something I have been thinking about...how much longer do I still have left in this sponge phase?

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