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November 16, 2006


Jon Moter

Makes sense to me. I think most men feel uncomfortable when their wife/girlfriend/partner are more successful, or earn more money than they do.

Personally, I think there's something primal in a male's desire to protect & provide for his woman. There's a period of time -- during late pregnancy and shortly after birth of child -- that a female needs to be provided for, 'cause all their energy is expended towards the birth of a child. So there's some providing impulse in there for guys whose genetic material is going to make it on to the next generation.

We now live in a society where that's not strictly necessary. Men who can wield a club aren't so important anymore. (Other than in professional sports.) But the impulse is still there. So if a guy doesn't feel "necessary" (regarding finances, security, social currency, etc) we feel uncomfortable.

A man with maturity and self-awareness will notice the feelings of discomfort, and deal with them. (Share with his partner, get support from his friends, go to therapy, whatever works.) A less mature man will figure there's something wrong with his woman or his relationship, and go off and have an affair. (That'll fix things!)

Bummer it plays out like this, but it makes sense to me that it does. How does that ring to you?


The picture of the boquet on the prairie is just marvelous - That would be a great one to have blown up and framed. The composition is superb.

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