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November 16, 2006



Given the choice of spending my entire afternoon looking at wedding pictures, vs keeping my job, I think (just this once) I am going to have to hold off. But the temptation...


Well, unlike Brian, I don't have to worry about keeping my job...so, I DID look at EVERY one of these pictures; and WOW....they are just beautiful Jor...amazing. They brought back the day to me very vividly...and what a truly gorgeous day it was. Since I was otherwise involved...this was a nice opportunity to see the emotion of the day on other people's faces...especially yours and Jess's. My sweet baby...you were a wonder...a beautiful wonder.


Oh how very lovely. I thought the selection a few weeks back was a very generous thing - but these are wonderful too. Thank you so much for sharing your great day, all of you.

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