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November 28, 2006



Hey Jory, welcome to the "mud", I'm so glad you're here, I thought I might be in the wrong place!


You've always been pretty good about playing in the mud. -Mom

Stacie Penney

God, it's like you are reading my mind some days with your posts.

I'm at such a crossroads. I totally know where I want to be, but not how to get there.

Thanks, as always, for the insight and directions.

Elizabeth Michel

Jory, I love that last paragraph! Just last week Arnie read me a quote from Bertrand Russell: "The time you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time at all." When I let myself rest when I'm tired and play when I've worked too long to enjoy it any more, I actually work better when I get back to it, and I begin to enjoy it again as well.




The mud is the mythic, the archetypal, the organic, the non-linear, the generative, and, oh yes, that which is fertile. People talk about getting a little mud on their shoes or "getting my hands dirty," meaning they let themselves get mixed up with life. Going back to the origins, to "beginner's mind," to the yin energy, not the yang. I can't wait to see what emerges!

PS So sorry to have missed you in Seattle, Jory. A little crisis overtook me.

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