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September 10, 2006



You're more like me than I realized...Miss Organized! Along with that burden comes the stress....sorry. But, I know you guys are in pretty good shape at this point. We'll all be there to help...I got the e-mail...we're ready.

I love your "unofficial list." BTW...we DEFINITELY need a very reliable "Mopper." Thanks sweetie... Mom -xo-


somethings to consider...safety pins for hems that begin to fall, clips for the hair that may not stay in place, and baby wipes for the last minute wipe of hands and spots on dresses. Also, faith, joy, love and hope, and a huge hug from me.


LOL- You have no idea, Jory, how helpful this is to me...and, if I was 3ft or under, I'd volunteer too!
Delegation is an art. One I haven't even begun to UNDERSTAND! But I have a year, maybe I'll delegate the understanding.


It helped me stay sane during my wedding prep to think of it as just a party. Yeah, kind of a complicated one, and there was going to be a minister there, and, oh yeah, my whole life will be different after and ... no, it's just a party.

We went into the day with two goals: Christie and I had to be married by the end of the day, and we had to have the time and energy to relax and have fun with our loved ones. Anything that didn't advance those goals was jettisoned. We also jettisoned anything that threatened to drive either of us nuts before hand or bankrupt us after.

So we didn't hire a photographer (there were enough digital cameras snapping away that we have more pics than we know what to do with), and Christie wore a borrowed dress (in burgundy, no less). But she was beautiful, and we had a great time.


Great to log in and see how you are getting on - don't worry, I have two cousins who are events managers and they both survived their weddings. Mike is right, though - I sang at lots of weddings when I was younger, and the happiest one I ever saw was a very laidback, family day with no hassles. It was truly extraordinary.
Don't sweat the small stuff, it isn't worth it. All flowergirls get food on their dresses at the reception, sometimes they even stall at the top of the aisle in the church too. Complicated party just about sums it up. You will have a great day and your life will be even better afterwards. Hurrah for you both.

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I love your "unofficial list." I would just add a few more wedding task force titles like:

:: After Ceremony Bouncer ::
Sometimes people just linger around at the church while family photos are being shot. They really need to get to the reception site. So this person would need to get people out of the church and make sure people had directions to the reception.

:: Superstitious King ::
Making sure the groom doesn't cross paths and accidently sees the bride on the day of their wedding and before the ceremony.


Thank you so ,uch for bringing up those wish i also have a bestfriend like you so that on my wedding theres also had a taking care of me,like what you did to your b-friend.


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