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August 06, 2006



Acorns and Intentions...no better words to offer up to keep a heart warm!



This is a sweet story at one level and at another has an edge of burn-out in it -- which might be defined as trying to keep going after the little bell in the body that says, "Too much" has gone off and been ignored a few (hundred)too many times. Sounds like both of you could use a big dose of that mutual medicine called "loved, trusted, and cared for." There's no particular glory in not attending to the bell, but most of us are conditioned not to do so to our detriment. Be good to you.

Lady M

Best wishes for the remaining wedding planning. And get some rest! Thanks so much for all your efforts in creating the BlogHer conference this year - I had a terrific time.

Chris Owen

As I read this post, I felt the hurts and pains and as I joined you in the park, I could feel the clouds lifting. Sensational writing Jory.
He's marrying you because of the "you" on the inside. I bet he's seemed perfectly content with the outside up till now so why would it change cos you've got a wedding dress on with or without perceived flabby bits?
You will look exquisitely beautiful on your wedding day because of the love shining out!
No-one in the future will remember the missing details of the perfectly planned wedding but they will remember joy and love that oozes from the pair of you and the committment you make to each other. You need to build that up and look after you two. You're the most important ones on the day.
Just don't forget the liquor order. If there's enough of that they won't notice what else is missing! Or that's the recipe at an Aussie party!
Keep chilling you wonderful things and you'll have a sensational day!!!


LOL The only "diet" I went on before my wedding was this: I replaced mochas and frappucinos with stright shots of espresso! I agree, don't forget the liquor, nothing else will matter! Try to enojoy it, it's going to come and go so fast!


What a great story. I'm very much the project manager myself - by profession and by personality - and it has been hard to let go and roll with it. Wedding planning is a killer; I'm glad that you guys are enjoying those moments that CAN be enjoyed.

And "fat pockets"? Uh, HELLO?!

Mike and Brenda

Jory, you are beautiful! I can't decide which impresses me more -- the loving way you and Jesse work out your conflicts, or the openness with which you so poignantly share your lives with us J&J fans. Thank you!


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