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August 03, 2006



Umm can we talk. This throwing away of swag, is troubling me. There are people who would appreciate these things. Can we not, next year, have a swag recycle box at the door and whatever is tossed in goes to a shelter? or some stuff to schools? Please.

I just included this topic on my "real" recap post so I'm glad you mentioned it.

Though I will agree that I am sitting here looking at the piles of stuff and wondering what to do with it all, where to send it, who will like it. (do you have any school age kids in your world - the stickers and bookmarks would be fun - they can cut them up for collage)

Debra Roby


He is a man of the earth... Yes, we want to keep it all (I seriously eyed all the extra GM bags Saturday night, but left them.)

One suggestion. The Depot for Creative Reuse up in Berkeley would LOVE anything he's thinking about tossing into the waste stream. Including paper bags. A twenty minute drive up the bay.. and he'd feel so justifiably satisfied!!

Afterwards, lunch at Scharfenbergers could assuage much sadness at not keeping everything.


Yeah, and don't forget Jenna...she loves totes and stuff...what about her kids at school? Got any goodies for them...Geesh...don't waste that stuff....someone's always gotta be thinking....Am I driving you crazy yet?


I can't believe he was going to throw out the baby doll tees. Those are badass. Is he ok?

Maria Niles

Too funny! I can totally hear the conversation.

I've got some stuff to go to the Creative Reuse center that Debra has so helpfully suggested. Perhaps we can grab Britt and carpool?

And you've got to keep the tee since you are one of the few who can rock it!


I didn't realize the corkscrew had a cigar cutter on top until I went to open a bottle of wine last night. Can't have that within reach of little fingers.


BF! Be careful!
Remember if you want something and your beloved wants something different, you need to listen till you really get what she's talking about and then get her to do the same. You both had legit reasons, there's compromise in there just begging for your attention. Then you'd have got to declutter your poor little home to a level that satisfied you both.


Everyone at work is BEGGING me to bring in the female condom. I'm like - hey, once I open it, I CAN NEVER TRY TO USE IT. They should've given us two, since they had a carrying case and all. I mean, really.


I think a schwag recycling area is a great idea. I'm sure someone else would love the baby bib, the t-shirt, etc. I'm all for extra bottles of the Crabtree and Evelyn lotion. Love that stuff.


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