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July 23, 2006



Weird!!! I just watched this last night out of my Tivo "suggestions" folder, and because I'm drawn to forms of design I don't understand, I actually watched it and enjoyed it. I liked it when Vera Wang muttered "horrible" like a war veteran, flashbacks of messy spats still fresh in her mind.

I'm wondering how much editing was done to make Angela look so awful as a person. I might be missing some past context about Vincent being one of those behind-the-back types, though I could see oozing off him. I could identify though with the feeling of working with someone who on the surface thinks they know better than you, puts the lip service into meeting the technical requirements of "being in the team", but just sends out waves and waves of doubts. PASSIVE COMPETENCE is just as bad as PASSIVE AGGRESSION. So I thought when Vincent described the experience as being the worse time of his life (maybe a little dramatic), at least he was describing how he felt. It wasn't a "Angela is a terrible designer because X Y Z", but "Angela made me feel bad". I don't think Angela so much took the high road when she said she was shocked. She just couldn't see the effect of her own destructive behavior on other people.

I used to be EXACTLY the same way.

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