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July 09, 2006



A recliner...ha, ha...very funny. You kill me. True I haven't been using the bike as much as I was, but I will again. Replenish the candy jar(s)...I only have one toots...and by the way you guys used up some of the vegetables in house for Bella...with our blessings. If you were vegetable deprived...it was YOUR own fault. I told you to go and get ANYTHING you wanted for the week....ANYTHING! But did you? NOOOOOO! Now, who's fault is that? And, do remember that we ALL were gone for 4 of those days at family functions...plus the various dinners and lunches you had out with friends. Dare I go on? Yes, I think I shall.

There's not always a television on in the background...at least not on my part lady. Outside of two or three shows for the whole week....I barely watch TV. I'm much more likely to watch a movie or spend time on my computer. I do recall some people needing to watch certain things when they were here...do you recall that? The only other person glued to certain of her TV shows...was Bella.

Now, before everyone came in town I actually had the air conditioner on "Economy"...if I even had it on at all. We had some pretty warm days, and if I had it on cool, it was because I didn't want anyone to be uncomfortable with so many people in the house.

Have I covered everything? Oh, and yes, Jenna doesn't like most vegetables....you were right! Hey, and you didn't even mention my GREAT coffee! -Mom -xo-


Yes, another person's version is usually quite different. I can't wait for the b-friend's version!

celeste @studio 501c blog

This should be an interesting blog experiment--I see a whole new niche for family therapists....:)

Congrats on your engagement from a lurking but admiring fan. Next time you're in Chicago, and if you're up to it, how 'bout a "meet up" with some of the Bloghers? I, for one, would love to meet you.

Celeste, a few blocks from Evanston


I think I love your mother. Will she adopt me? I have a "J" name already.

Interesting experiment! I look forward to hearing B-friend's take.


Oh my God! You have opened Pandora's Box!


Brilliant Jory! No surprise you and the B friend would come up with this scathingly brilliant idea! And, of course, my "Joyful", the first to repond! Only a mother...

Stacie Penney

My husband has stated that he is scared to read my blog and will I fix it so people can't find me by searching for my name so that his friends won't read it either?

I laugh evilly and realize I'm totally free.


You are a brave woman -- not just for giving b-friend the go ahead to come in and rebut, but for blogging naked in the first place.


This should be interesting! It's brave of you to let him comment. I read my husband most posts concerning him before they are published, but he's pretty easy-going about what appears on my blog anyway, and he hasn't had a problem so far. Still, if he could go on with his side of the story, there could be trouble!


It shows a great deal of confidence on your part. Being from the same gender as he, I have a feeling of how it will read. However, being that I like to eat cow, we may not think alike. Quite honestly, it doesn't matter what he write because the bottom line is...


OK....we're waiting b-friend....

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