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July 03, 2006


Laura Moncur

Even if you don't own your place of residence, pay to have the screens fixed. Nothing is worth more than a good night's sleep.


The worst is when you smash a mosquito and it leaves a smear of blood.

And Kyle complains that I walk too fast. He holds my hand and presses his forearm against mine to slow me down.


Can't wait to see how it goes in Chicago! And your right, "ring smudge" would NEVER come out of your Mom's mouth! LOL
Thanks again, for sharing the scroll/stroll!


Sounds like your Mom had a great time with all of you. :) J used to do the same mosquito hunting in the tropics...turning on the light, waiting patiently. I, on the other hand, would just pull the sheet higher... :)

Ms. Annie D

Oh yeah. I also have the chocolate chip skin, and the skeeters seem to love it.

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