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July 30, 2006



It was a great conference and I can't wait for the Chicago conference. My mom and sister are already planning on attending!

I enjoyed chatting with you and will talk to you soon. Well, after your post-blogher break.


Aren't you sneaky?! Now Joy has no excuse...ha! As complicated as my feelings are about the BlogHer conference (i.e., feeling like there's so much focus on mommies who blog)...my feelings for YOU are completely uncomplicated. I'm happy for you that it was such a resounding success...and that your future with BlogHer looks so very bright.

Robert Scoble

I had a great time at BlogHer. You're very good in front of an audience, by the way. I have a feeling we haven't heard the last from you. Can't wait to see where your journey leads you.


You guys did a spectacular job with the conference again this year and I'll definitely see you in Chicago next year.


I can't wait for next year! Jory, Melissa and I are already discussing our meeting plan to be there. And a side note to "Joyful"...I'll pick you up in a Saturn and we can enjoy the Jory Journey together! Sounds like it was exhasting and wonderful. Congratulations!


Your mum's got no excuse for not attending. I'm thinking about it too.


Oh, and congratulations. It sounded like a fantastic success this year.

Daniel McVicar

Hi Jory, it's me the male podcaster. I'm not so scared anymore, but you get a lot of credit. What an extraordinary event.

I will be posting two features and extended interviews from the conference this week.

I will let you know, or you can subscribe via the feedblitz link at the top of the page (I found out about it at your conference)
bravi to all!

Brian Shields

Well, one thing about being at Blogher, it reminded me of lots of advice I would get from my mother... and she always cautioned me about the people who loiter near the entrance to public restrooms! Especially the ones holding video cameras!

Great work Jory! I'm so proud to be a part of the Blogher movement.


Jeremy Pepper

That is such a Mom statement: eh, I'll think about it.

I love it!


Jory - Adding my Congrats! I think of BlogHer as "blogging come to life." With BlogHer 2007 morphing into 2 conferences: BlogHer and Business BlogHer Elisa is right - you'll def need a meeting planner!


Jory, congrats, it was a FANTASTIC event and I'm so glad I attended. I saw you a number of times from afar, but didn't get a chance to say hi unfortunately. You looked great. You are a very polished presenter and the event totally lived up to my expectations (which were stratospheric!) Thanks for a great weekend. I came out of it with some fantastic ideas for my blog.

Hope to make this an annual thing. Can't wait to hear more about plans for '07... once you've had a chance to get some shut-eye.


Hee hee Jory, our 19 year old does that with the phone ALL THE TIME.

Thanks again for all your hard work.


You did Blogher 2006 withOUT event planner(s)??? Note the plural! You guys ARE wonder women! BTW this post somehow captures Blogher-as-perceived-from-afar in ways the others don't. So ... thanks!

Jennifer Warwick

Hey Jory -

Call me if you really want an event planner. Seriously, I rule. And I'm planning to have some time on my hands shortly.



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