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May 07, 2006



Another awesome post, Jory. Of course, you must realize you are going to have to stop with the self deprecation and accept some credit at some point.


This post really resonates with me, on so many levels. Before I used to think of business as something you were expected to conform to, because there were certain rules one was expected to follow; the reward was "success." I have a terrible time following rules that I don't know the backstory to, and the environment in which I worked didn't provide the answers. It was just that *things needed doing, now*. I eventually figured out the only rule that counted was what the person who outranked you wanted, and everything else was just scaffolding. I decoupled myself from those expectations and have been relatively happier since then. I'm slowly accepting that I *don't* fit into certain environments, and that this is actually OKAY. Maybe even GOOD.

But businesswise? I sort of have something going, but it's more like "drifting with great purpose". Two images come to mind: Me as Winnie the Pooh turning an umbrella upside down and going to rescue Piglet, or captaining the Titanic majestically into a field of icebergs. Scary, but I'm also realizing that I prefer the certainty of not being stuck on someone else's boat.

It wasn't until just now, reading your post, that I realized that I'm at similar crossroads. I've had many similar thoughts, but you've pulled them together in a way that I think has just saved me some time.

As much as I like being on my little boat, I'm realizing I'm MUCH HAPPIER when there are other boats within my line-of-sight. Thanks for leading the way!

Jon Moter

"I wanted to create an alternative for women who'd reached a point in their lives that I had, when they asked themselves, how can I contribute in a way that allows me to express myself, reach my potential, and that wastes as little time and energy as possible on things that don't matter?"

Sounds perfect, and sounds pretty much exactly where I'm at, minus the woman part.

I love that you're taking this on so fully, confronting yourself, growing, and being willing to have what you want. You're an inspiration to a lot of people, myself included.


Hi Jory,

Try the book Synchronicity. I just got into it this past weekend. You'll love it based on what you write above.


Best to you!


Thanks for the post! My husband and I are buying a business. He's thrilled and I'm terrified. But I saw alot of his motitivations and reactions in your piece. It really helped me to understand why he wants this.

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