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April 19, 2006



Wow, congratulations to you both.

Kathryn Elliott

Dear Jory, I've been reading and loving your blog for quite some time now. So far I haven't commented or participated in any way, but I just had to say many, many, many congratulations to you both. It's a great story too.

Elisa Camahort

Now, come on...did I really say "Are you really that stupid?" :)

Congrats to you both. The ring is to die for, as is the man, of course.

Colleen Wainwright

What a fantastic engagement story!

And with a wedding in the works, what a lot of wonderful blog fodder!

I look forward to seeing you, the hardware and the BFriend/Hband this July.

He IS going to be there, right?


Can I be a total girl here and squeal with delight, throw my arms around you and throw in a few "omigosh omigosh omigosh!! Jorrryyyyy that is soooo sweeeet!"

Congratulations, sweetie! I am so happy for you!


Congratulations! That is fantastic news!

Eric Anderson



Yes, Jesse made me cry...right after the part where he took my breath away. My blessing...what a beautiful gesture; and one I'm not so sure happens much anymore. I think of Dad being alive and the humorous inquisition he might have had to endure. By comparison...I was a piece of cake. Jesse's plan was flawless, except for Ginger running off with the ring; but even that made it all the more endearing.

I told Jesse how happy I was that he was going to be part of our family; but in fact I'm very proud. Proud to have such a wonderful person as my son-in-law; as my daughter's husband...a daughter that means the world to me; as an uncle to Bella & Bastian; as a loving member of our family. God knows we've had some sad moments over the past months; but along with the birth of Bastian, and now your engagement...it's nice to experience a little joy. Thank you Jesse.

And Jor...you and I take things in and process them very similarly. So when we've talked several times since all of this happened, it's always been through our humor...that's how we are. But you need to know how happy I am for you, my sweet girl...and that I couldn't love you, even an ounce more, if I tried. -Mom


Oh, hurrah. I am going to La Traviata tonight. I will think of you all the way through with your two rings. (I have a garnet on my other hand.) Best wishes to you both, long may you run.

Jennifer Warwick

Yay! What wonderful news! Congrats - enjoy the engagement, enjoy the planning, enjoy the bumps in the road - enjoy it all. Could not have happened to a more wonderful person (and her BF).

Phil Gerbyshak

Way to go Jory! This is WAY cool! Congratulations on best of luck on the planning and then...enjoy your day!

Average Jane

Congratulations! Be sure to flash that ring around at BlogHer - I wanna see it. :)


Congratulation Jory!

Julie Leung

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the story. It's wonderful! Yes, as Jennifer says, enjoy it all. :-)


Congrats! .. ahhh, how very sweet - what a lovely memory and story.


Best to you both! Thank you for sharing this loving and special joy!

Koan Bremner

Ah, Jory - now you *really* get to learn about each other - and yourselves. ;-)

I am so happy for you both - (and for your Mum, of course!) Well, happy for *everybody* - I'm a bundle of happiness.

Stacie Penney

How sweet! And thoughtful. What a wonderful soon to be H-band!


Lisa Stone

I'm so happy for you both. After B-friend pulled a 24-hour workday at BlogHer '05, I was pretty convinced that he deserves you.

And thank you for satisfying my curiousity. What I really wanted to do last week was drag you through every excruciating detail!


I've always enjoyed your writing Jory, but this story was a true joy to read. Congratulations & blessings in abundance to you & the B-friend :)


Congratulations!!! Veels geluk :-)

On a side note, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to know all the gory details of wedding planning. But I warn you now, you will get to that point.

Our wedding is only 6 months away now and there are all sorts of strange things I appear to need to worry about. The strangest though is somehow procuring snailmail addresses for all of our friends. Somehow email invites don't seem right. Amazingly I never predicted that this would be my number 1 wedding issue, until it happened ;-)


Congrats, Jory. B-Friend (fiance now, I guess) sounds like a total catch. Perhaps I'm biased by hearing that he's a fellow bike geek...


Very cool. Congrats Jory! My proposal to my wife was such a gush of emotions that after we gathered ourselves, I had to ask if she had indeed said 'Yes'.

An impromptu blessing (humor me, I'm hopeless):
Seen or unseen. Clear or mystical. Overwhelming or imperceptible. May your love never fail to grow, and may your faith in that love never fail.

Jon Moter

Congratulations!!! If you want to take any of our wedding magazines off our hands, you are most welcome to. Our wedding is 3 months away, we're in the midst of details, but it's a lot of fun.

Gonna post any pictures of the rings??


Jory, many congrats and what a great story! So much better than just hearing, "guess what, I'm engaged."


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