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April 09, 2006



I had this dream the other night with Jennifer Garner in it.

It's not what you think.

I asked if she thought her show Alias jumped the shark after season 2. In 3 more seasons, it never regained what it was before SD6 was dismantled (guess you had to have been there).

As far as blogs go, I fear jumping the shark every Friday. Though I'm not sure that I can, since I'm no A-lister and my audience is fairly niche.

Still, I reach back into the tank each week and wonder if I'll pull anything out.

I can't say I remember another blog "jumping the shark." They seem to just fade in relevance and eventually drop off my RSS subscription.


Two words: Evil Clones.


I agree with Dustin. In my short time as a blogger, I have noticed a few blogs just fade away...quiety shut down. I'm always worried about running dry of things to write about. I know you always tell me..."That won't happen Mom," but still, I worry.

Steve Sherlock

It depends on what you are here for... if it is a chore, it will run its course sooner or later, shark or no shark.

If it is pure fun, I suspect there is some radar-like energy shield (currently undetectable by humans) that will keep sharks away because there is too much fun going on.

The Bargain Queen

...but celebrities never jump the shark - they jump the couch instead!


I'll never forget that episode of Full House where one of the Olsen twins learned to shoot heroin from Dave Coulier.


How about... President Bush's arrogance jumps the shark.

Don The Idea Guy

Jumping The Brand Shark -- great new twist on Ries and Trouts problems with killing Positioning through 'line-extensions'.

I'd keep my eye out for any brand that brings on Ted McGinley as their spokesperson! ;)


I only just learned of this term recently as well and couldn't believe that there was a term to which a website or websites was dedicated to that I hadn't even heard of! I like the way you have taken the shark thinking to a whole new level. :-)

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