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April 23, 2006


Colleen Wainwright

I actually thought the film did a decent job of showing Franken's folly (a new cereal coming to your grocery store shelves soon!) as well as his comic greatness and earnestness. I don't think they underscored it (nor did they aim to make him look bad) but his human foibles are there for the world to see, including that extended sequence of him getting his Dockers tangled up in the furniture.

And I'm sorry, but Ann Coulter is a twat. Really. I hate to get down on the sisterhood, but she *is* smart and personable and witty and chooses her powers for evil (self-aggrandizement and self-promotion, although I'm no fan of the current administration).

Frankly, I found this movie inutterably depressing: not the passion or the good intent, but the spitting-into-the-wind nature of the whole liberal proposition at this point in time. Makes me want to crawl into bed with cookies and tea and a childhood book. Ugh.

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