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April 12, 2006



Jory: Thank you for this post. I have struggled for years trading off the ideal versus the real. Money is a very hard, perhaps the hardest driver; less personal than nature and more insistant than most addictions. How do we create an alternative to the gasoline that makes the American engine run...without losing? You are helping make something that has been untouchable for far too long conscious and discussable. You call us to examine an illusion.


I see those kinds of articles and TV segments, but they're scattered around. Maybe a magazine focused around entrepeneurship would have more of them than usual?

This could be a good webzine: articles on how to live responsibly while following our bliss. Or maybe a book?


Thank you for posting this. I'm in the middle of a messy situation with an entry-level job that not only didn't go where I hoped it would, but turned unsatisfying after the first couple of years. I stayed because once my 401k had built up enough, I took out a loan against it to pay off my college credit card bills. Financially, I'm worse off than I should be by 31, I've spent most of my savings moving across the country to find a place I was comfortable living in. I would *love* to see the magazine you describe - and I'd add, one that presumes that its readers, male and female alike, want something more out of life than a paycheck. Maybe even profiles business people and their hobbies or entertainments.


I think you should publish that magazine, or that book -- I know that I would want to read it.

I agree with the advice you gave that young film major. Back in my day, my dad would mail me help wanted clippings when I was between production jobs. After several years of on again off again work, in a weak moment, I took one. Biggest mistake I ever made.

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