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March 13, 2006



I was in a few of the same panels as you and also got to see you interviewed at the trade show. I just wanted to say good job on that, and I also thought your comments were on point. Great site, too.



I'm sorry I don't have the time, wherewithall to attend events like this. It sounds really great: the energy, the edge of change that people are working at. I'm glad someone with your art and sensitivities is there to be heard and to stand in the fire for the future, you know, to stand up for the real possibilities. We all can help redefine society and make a better future viable, and your voice is critical to that work. Thank you, Jory.


Love the idea about mixed couples -- it's certainly been an issue in my relationship! (I know, you were kidding... but I'd be there!)


I agree with Donna that it's an interesting point about the "mixed couples;" up to this point I've been reluctant to blog about my relationship with Chris. I mention him here and there but don't write lengthy posts specifically about the dynamics of our relationship because I'm not sure what he'd think about it since he doesn't blog. Chris has been kind of on the fence about this "blogging stuff" since I started with it but he's a pretty good writer himself and has been warming up to the idea. We decided yesterday it would be an interesting experiment to each start an anonymous blog specifically to write about our relationship. We bought the domain name last night but I am not telling where it's at since the point is to be anonymous :) (Besides, there's nothing there yet to see!!) But I think it will be a great exercise for us to do as a couple, and that way the power scales don't tip in favour of either one of us since we're both doing it.


Ripley's-type factoid: those noisy-ass birds are called 'grackles' (or maybe 'grackels' or some other spelling variation--the local who hipped us didn't spell it).

If ever there were a perfectly named animal...


First you should be congratulated on creating BlogHer and then working with Hugh to be included in this conference. For those of us who can't do two conferences, I was grateful to at least get a sample of BlogHer stuff.

And secondly, thanks for talking to me after the BWB panel. I was feeling really unsure about how things went afterwards and your comment kept me from being in a funk all night.


points 1 - 3 are spot on. especially point 3.

why were they still awake well into the night after all of the sparrows and such were asleep? and there were 100 in a tree at any given time. i don't get it.

and point 8 is really well taken. i've found that having a big (online) mouth gets you noticed.

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