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March 29, 2006



This is hysterical no matter how many times I read it. It's no fun growing up anyways. You and Jess are a trip.


Ha! Reading this post reminded me of when I was sharing an apartment with my South African boyfriend in London. Our big point of conflict: the phrase "just now", as in "sure, I'll do that just now".

I (and most people who speak English) would interpret that as "I am going to do that right now", when it actually meant "sure, I'll get to that at some point in the future. Maybe." It took me SIX MONTHS to work out that "just now" doesn't actually mean "now".

Ahhh... the joys of cohabitating!


Yep, I reckon you're right about getting driven to the airport. Miss Daisy indeed - humppphhhh


Jory you are making me reconsider working from home in the future. Because Chris will also be working from home, starting in 2 months! At least we both agree that housework is procrastination from real work so he doesn't bug me if I leave a pile of papers or clothes next to the bed, or dishes in the sink. My take is that if I'm going to procrastinate, I'm not going to waste it on housework - I'll do something more fun than that!


I agree with Jess, no more airport trips. However, I could be bargained with (cha-ching).

Steve Fielding

I am laughing so hard. This is a verbatim replay of weekly goings on in my household. G-friend, who as you know was recently promoted to "wife", has found a way to breed her piles of clutter, mostly paper beit magazines, junk mail, catalogs or what have you. Drives me crazy. And yes, foreplay as you mention has been reduce to a tussle over clean up or laundry duties.

Now Jesse, listen to Jory on the writing tips I think she has some skillz in that area mate. Jory - oakland airport is one thing; SFO on the other hand - better get a BART pass. ;-)


Troy Worman

As long as you have dialogue to write, you are in good shape.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Elisa Camahort

Can't go with you on the airport thing. I never ask for a ride. Although I have to admit it's because my S.O. is such a loser about being on time that it would just add stress to both sides of my trip, i.e.

1. Pushing him to get ready intime to take me
2. Wondering if he'd actually pick me up on time.


Great stuff, too funny. But I stand by my own favorite made up work: templatization - the act of making something into a template.

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