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March 27, 2006



Oh, this is a stitch! I can just hear Jess saying these things to you...and your sad and pitiful replies back. I'd give anything to be a computer wiz and fix every problem that crops up. You have Jess...I have Mike. I really love this Jor.

Love Coach Rinatta

Jory, my husband is s computer tech and that's what I hear all the time too - you have too many windows open, you should reboot your system, it's going to crash. I think it's geek code for "I love you" :)


I feel your pain! I don't work at home all the time anymore (thank goodness), but my home office space is a portion of my husband's music studio/office. When I try to work up there, I end up sounding all snippy: "Can you put on headphones or turn that down? Do you have to play drums now? How many times are you going to play that track over and over again?!"

Did I mention that we still IM each other across the room rather than talk? It's a sad state of affairs.


Hey Jory, have you ever heard of Lynda.com? Maybe you could save some of your sanity and get a monthly subscription. Then you would have access to all of the online tutorials on how to do things. Yes, you would have to sit through the tutorials to find out your answers, but it would be on your own time. And perhaps you could surprise b-friend with how you figured something out "on your own".

Just a thought. ;)

And while I don't live with my bofyriend, we vacationed together last year for two weeks in a small cottage. After a while I kept thinking "Man, he's breathing SO LOUD!!!! or Why does he always have to put the TV on immediately. Ugh." So I feel a teensy bit of your pain.

Ever thought of getting the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones? Can you listen to music while you work?


Great post. I used to date a computer tech, and besides my subpar bedroom prowess, she nagged me about my computer habits as well..lol

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